All work performed by Nelson Ford

Price List

Specialty of the House
Smith and Wesson Revolver Tuning
J Frame Tune $239
K, L, and N Frame Tune $259
All actions receive: complete double action trigger rework. Complete headspacing and timing corrections. Radius trigger. Forcing cone correction and detailed, clean, and oil. All guns test fired and test targets provided.

Colt .45 Autos
and clones
Reliability Work $269
Includes: ramp, throat, breechface, chamber, and extractor tuning.
Trigger Work $259
Clean crisp break at 3½ to 4½ pounds. Your choice.
Match Trigger $49
No install fee with trigger work.
High Grip Beavertails Installed $349 + part
Perfect fit every time. Sensitized, no rattle.
Extended Thumb Safety Installed $129 with part
Deburred and clicking properly. Ambidextrous add $30.
Steel Checkered Mainspring Housing $79
High quality hardware. Properly fit and blended with the frame.

Browning High Power
Action/Reliability Work $239
Adjust action for easy hammer cocking. Adjust action for nice, crisp trigger pull. Perform necessary reliability work. Clean, oil, and test fire.

Marlin Lever Actions
Action Job $239
Smooth lever operation, nice crisp trigger pull. Cleaned and oiled.

Ruger Firearms
SP101 Action Work $239
GP100 Action Work $259
Includes treatment to hammer and trigger surface.
Chamfer Cylinder $79
10/22 Trigger Pull Adjustment $109
10/22 Modified Bolt Release $20
10/22 Easy Magazine Release $15

Nelson E. Ford -- Graduate of C.S.T. 1980
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